Your New Cat: Why Are the First 24 Hours So Important?

The cage was small, however the folks had been good and Tiger felt secure. He was fed, petted and repeatedly groomed. Still, it wasn’t house. Tiger had been ‘house’, and nonetheless had imprecise reminiscences of the girl who had cared for him and the opposite cats who lived along with her.

Then he had been taken to this place, and had been right here so lengthy he had virtually forgotten ‘house’, and the girl.

There was uneasiness right here, although, and Tiger felt it. Something was about to occur. Something dangerous.

Then two people got here in. He was put in a cage with them. He jumped up within the girl’s lap. He was put in a darkish place that bumped and jostled him. He heard unusual, scary noises. He howled, and a male voice answered with noises he could not perceive.

Then there was gentle. And TERROR!

A small hand reached for him and tried to seize him. There had been folks he did not know; all of them approached him. There was one other cat that arched and spat.

Then, horror of horrors…

There was a canine!

Tiger fled. He fled down an extended hall and bolted by means of the primary open door he discovered. He hid within the darkest place he might discover…amongst gentle and arduous issues he did not acknowledged. He heard voices. He heard the canine bark, and he shuddered. He heard the kid’s excessive pitched voice, and a girl’s voice…which had been simpler to bear.

He hunkered down and remained as invisible and silent as he might.

Adoption in Haste

The workers of animal shelters greet folks searching for new pets with each pleasure and misgiving. People stroll between the cages, trying over every cat, and the workers hope they’ll choose a cat that has been there for a very long time.

But they know what the persons are searching for; they’re searching for kittens, not grownup cats.

If there are not any kittens, the purchasers will generally reluctantly select an grownup cat as a “comfort prize”, pay the adoption charges and cart her or him off…

Only to return the cat two or three days later.

“I’m sorry, however this cat simply did not work out. We could not match it into the household.”


“This cat is simply too wild. We want one thing tamer, one thing that may slot in.”

“What occurred?” The workers member asks.

“The cat bolted and hid. It took us three days to search out it, and once we lastly did, we needed to chase it all around the home earlier than we caught it. We want one thing tamer; one thing that may slot in higher.”

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So go the unhappy tales of the returnees… however wait, it may be worse for cats adopted in different methods.

“The landlord will not let me maintain her, might you please take her in?”

People who undertake strays off the road, or a good friend’s cat, many instances do not understand the total extent of the issues they should do for his or her new cat:

o Prepare their home to obtain their cat

o Take care of their cat’s medical wants

o Make positive their different cats have safety from illness

o Take care of their cat’s bodily wants

o Properly introduce their cat to their live-in companions, youngsters and different pets

And maybe most significantly:

o Prepare themselves for relationship with their new cat

People who’ve by no means owned cats earlier than do not actually notice what a cat is: A very smart, impartial animal which wants love and affection day by day – however just isn’t a canine.

Cats will bond with folks, simply as canine do, however they do not at all times bond with the one who has adopted them. They will select whom they like, a lot to the consternation of the one who “picked them up” hoping to have acquired a brand new good friend.

This is one excellent cause why the primary 24 hours is so vital. It is in throughout that interval that your cat will resolve whom she desires to bond with.

Unless you recognize what you might be doing, it won’t be with you.


A cat wants time spent along with her. One of the massive errors busy folks make is to fail to understand that they’ve busy schedules that do not permit them to spend sufficient time with their newly adopted cat.

This might finally lead to your cat working off. If you don’t have any time to spend along with your cat, she is not going to select your own home as “her den”. She will exit trying to find one other one, and you may be quickly reporting a “misplaced cat”.

Or, to your consternation, one can find that the cat you thought can be a loving companion has bonded with one other member of your family…anyone who did have the time to spend.


Lots of people do not rely the price of pet possession. In their exuberance to undertake a cat, they overlook that they do not have the price range to maintain her. Belatedly, they uncover they do not have the money readily available to purchase their new feline’s fundamental requirements or give her the medical consideration she is most actually going to want.

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Many folks shun pet medical insurance coverage, not realizing that the identical issues that occur to folks occur to cats, and might price giant sums of cash to remedy. This can lead to shedding their beloved pet as a result of the worth to avoid wasting her is “simply too excessive”.

Medical Needs

Some individuals who undertake strays or cats owned by mates do not understand the total extent of the medical consideration their new cat wants:

o An entire bodily examination

o An entire vaccination routine

o Spaying or neutering

In specific, that cute kitten you introduced house from a good friend’s litter will want an extended sequence of vaccinations (together with boosters) that may prolong over a interval of a few years. You cannot do all of it in at some point.

To fail on this will virtually assuredly imply tragedy down the road. I do know. I failed to offer one in every of my kittens its vaccinations. I made it an outside cat, and it died of feline leukemia. The story positively had a really unhappy ending…

Your cat’s bodily wants

When your cat climbs out of the provider field for the primary time, will you be geared up with the necessities?

Or, will you uncover that you simply want this stuff later…and convey them in one by one, after your cat has defecated within the nook, began scratching the furnishings, or begun another unauthorized conduct you aren’t ready for? (And, be suggested, a cat is a really obsessed animal…as soon as she begins doing one thing, it is rather arduous to alter it).

Making positive you could have what you could obtain your new cat is significant…and it’s essential to have the fundamentals readily available earlier than you convey her house.

First introductions

So, when your cat first climbs out of her provider, is she going to be set upon by each member of your family all of sudden? And when she does, will she flee in terror, looking for the most secure and darkest nook she will be able to discover?

Or will you introduce her regularly… to attempt to scale back the trauma as a lot as potential so she will be able to adapt to and really feel at house in her new scenario?

Your method for doing that may be a deciding think about whether or not or not your cat adapts to your property instantly, by the subsequent day or the subsequent month, or flees the home altogether.

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The days to comply with

Do you know the way to care for your new cat within the days to come back, assuming you dealt with your first introductions effectively? Do you recognize about allergy symptoms, particular meals, bathing, grooming, hair balls, eradicating urine, coaching and instructing with out scary and alienating her, and a mess of different conditions cat homeowners wrestle with each day? Do you recognize the hazards concerned in letting her grow to be an outside cat?

Be ready

As you have typically heard, ‘preparation is the important thing to success’, and nowhere does that apply extra appropriately than to cat possession. If you’re ready, your adoption will in all probability go very easily.

I say in all probability as a result of each cat is totally different. Even with the perfect preparation by a educated proprietor, a cat should need to cover for awhile. And when you uncover that is the case…

You must know what to do.

The Key

So, that is why I wrote my e book, “Your New Cat’s First 24 Hours”,, to offer you every thing you could know and have, not solely to prepare on your new cat and introduce her to your family, however to know and look after her within the days to comply with.

I’ve obtained to say it once more: preparation…and data… is the important thing. When you resolve to undertake, I hope you will not do it in haste.

I hope you’ll do it knowledgeably and with understanding.

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