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If you prefer to work from the comfort of your own home and have a knowledge of cats, you can write stories about cats for magazines.

Cat Fancy

Cat Fancy magazine is a monthly publication covering all aspects of responsible cat ownership. It is 90% freelance written. They are looking for nonfiction engaging presentation of expert, up-to-date information. It must be cat oriented. Your writing should not be gender specific. They need how-to, humor, health, lifestyle, cat culture and entertainment. They do not accept fiction or poetry.

I Love Cats

I Love Cats is a bimonthly general interest magazine for the whole family. It is 100% freelance written. It caters to cat lovers of all ages. The stories in the magazine include fiction, non-fiction, how-to, humorous, and columns for the cat lover.

Obtain a copy of each of these magazines and study the stories to get a better idea of what the publication is looking for.

Do not send the complete manuscript right away. Contact the editor of the magazines and send a query letter to him. The editor’s name and contact information are usually on the first or second page of the magazine.

The query letter is a brief, one-page letter used to get an editor interested in your idea. When you send a query letter to a magazine, you are trying to get the editor to buy your idea or article.

The query letter should sell the editor on your idea or convince him to request your finished manuscript. The most effective query letters get into the specifics from the very first line. It’s important to remember that the query is a call to action, not a listing of features and benefits.

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Include information on the availability of photographs or artwork in your query letter. Include a working title and a projected word count.

Biological information should be included as well, but don’t overdo it unless your background actually helps sell the article or proves that you’re the only person who could write your proposed piece.

Do not discuss pay rates or try to negotiate a fee in your query letter. This step comes after an editor has agreed to accept your article.

Cat Fancy only accepts queries from January-May. Queries after May will be returned or discarded.

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