Turning Feline Foes Into Fido’s Friends

Properly launched, canine and cats often find yourself being probably the most devoted of buddies. On the opposite hand, on uncommon events, the mixture might be lethal for the cat. So it isn’t a choice to be made flippantly.

Your canine’s breed needs to be a think about weighing the chances. Even in case your hyper canine was bred to ferret out small sport, the mixture could also be surprisingly strong. In most circumstances, you will merely should commit a while up entrance to supervising them each till he is confirmed his trustworthiness.

A herding breed might be disastrous for felines – or superb. If the canine is mesmerized by the cat and her actions, he might discover it tough to rein in his herding intuition. That’s not essentially an issue in case your cat is assured, daring, and enjoys teasing, taking part in, and racing round. In truth, such a cat might turn into his finest buddy inside just a few days of their introduction. But a timid cat will probably be depressing.

My Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs coauthor Kitty Foth-Regner has discovered the Oriental breeds, corresponding to Siamese and Burmese, to be notably well-suited to such cross-species relationships; they’re energetic, mischievous, and like to tear round the home with a canine in shut pursuit. More docile breeds corresponding to Persians are much less enamored of such antics; however that truth might make these cats much less fascinating to a hyper canine and due to this fact much less more likely to be a sufferer of canine fascination.

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The best introductions are between puppies and kittens. If they develop up collectively, they might virtually behave like siblings as a substitute of various species. If it is too late for that, strive these solutions.

* Choose a cat who’s younger sufficient to be adaptable however sufficiently old to defend herself. Six months is a wonderful age. Don’t declaw her; as a substitute, both educate her to make use of a scratching submit or recover from your want for excellent furnishings. Give her just a few days to discover her residing quarters and get to know the human family members earlier than introducing her to the canine.

* When your new cat is feeling at residence, deliver her right into a room the place she’ll be capable of rapidly get out of hurt’s manner if needed, by racing behind a sofa or leaping up on a counter. Then leash your canine and produce him in.

* The cat might properly take this chance to cover. That’s superb. Stay within the room and do some obedience work or methods. Have a seat and browse or watch a bit of tv. Let them get used to being round one another. Stay alert. If the cat decides to dart out of the room, you will need to have the ability to short-circuit your canine’s pursuit by grabbing or stepping on his leash.

* On the opposite hand, if she holds her floor, that is nice. Let him sniff whilst you reward the cat soothingly to loosen up her. Keep him leashed and look ahead to a chance to right him for overstepping his boundaries or being rude. Treat the cat like some other distraction; if he is pulling on the leash, use the Sneakaway(TM) approach till he is prepared to greet her politely.

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* You might have to do that twice a day for every week or a month earlier than they’re able to dwell collectively peacefully, and it could take many extra weeks earlier than they really turn into buddies. But chances are high you will come residence sometime to search out them cuddled up collectively, and all of your efforts will probably be value it.

* In the meantime, till they’re at the least tolerating one another, use a closed door or child gate to separate them everytime you’re not there to intervene. That manner, they will be capable of turn into accustomed to one another’s presence at their very own tempo.

* Once they’re buddies, do not cease them from roughhousing with one another. Let them get pleasure from one another, except it turns into obvious that one in all them is not having fun with the sport.

The following excerpt is from Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs,

Written by Amy Ammen and Kitty Foth-Regner.

Copyright 2007 by Wiley Publishing, Inc.

All rights reserved.

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