Tiger Holidays in India

As the largest of the cat species, growing up to 3.3 metres in length and weighing around 305 kilograms, one of the most exciting animals to encounter while on the Indian subcontinent is the majestic Tiger. Holidays to the region will often take you into nature reserves such as the Kanha Tiger Reserve, Pench National Park, and Bandhavgarh National Park for a chance to catch a glimpse of these cats.

The animals have featured heavily in historic texts, myths and legends and are one of the most recognisable animals in the world, and the Bengal Tiger is even the national animal of Bangladesh. Not only is the Tiger the largest of cat species, but it is also the most varied in actual size. They are not all as massive as the Bengal, Siberian and Caspian; the endangered Sumatran Tiger is the smallest and weighs, a comparatively small, 100-140 kilograms and is only found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The Kanha Tiger Reserve

On your quest to India to see a Tiger, holidays to the Kanha Tiger Reserve are an excellent place to start. Located in the Banjar and Halon Valleys in the state of Madhya Pradesh, it has more than 1,945 square kilometres of land in a horseshoe shape. The Kanha Reserve is home to one of the largest populations of the animal in the country, and a visit here will greatly increase your chances of seeing a tiger. Holidays to the reserve will take you out into the landscape on nature drives, where you will see the small pools and lake that are the drinking holes of the animals in the reserve. While you are out and about in your vehicles, stay attentive and keep your eyes peeled for the distinctive striped markings of the Bengal Tiger, which call the reserve home.

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Pench National Park

Tiger holidays to the Indian subcontinent may take you to Pench National Park, which is nestled in the southern Satpura Hills just a two-hour drive from Mumbai Airport. The park is named after the Pench River that slices through the park from north to south. The park has a land area of 758 square kilometres and is a great place to catch a glimpse of one of the 25 felines who live there. In 2008, the BBC produced a television show that followed a family of the animals in Pench National Park, entitled “Tiger – Spy in the Jungle”; and Rudyard Kipling’s famous book The Jungle Book was set in this very park.

Bandhavgarh National Park

If you want to see a Tiger, holidays that take you to the Bandhavgarh National Park are a good option. Located near the Vindhya Hills in Madhya Pradesh, the park has gained a reputation for being a prime place to observe them. It is also a famous location to catch sight of the elusive White Tigers, whose striking appearance is caused by a pigment deficiency from a recessive gene; a further genetic change can make these felines appear almost stripe-less. These white beauties are often larger than their orange brothers and, on the whole, their population is on the rise. Here at the Bandhavgarh National Park, if you keep your eyes open on your safari drives, you may just see one.

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