The Pros and Cons of Utilizing a Cat Genie

A cat genie is certainly an excellent assist for cat lovers. It’s a self cleansing litter field that may clear by itself similar to an equipment, flushing your pet’s waste like a rest room. There are certainly fairly an a variety of benefits this cat genie can provide, however you must also anticipate a justifiable share of points. In this assessment, let’s check out the most typical issues encountered by customers.


1) The bundle comes with a straightforward one time DIY setup to the water provide and electrical outlet.

2) You can configure it to work in 3 alternative ways:

a) Automatic 4x a day cleansing cycle

b) Manual activation utilizing the Start button

c) Cat activation

3) Cat Genie makes use of water and a veterinarian-approved sanitizer to scrub itself.

4) It dries up after cleansing as a result of it has a inbuilt dryer.

5) 100% litter-free; it makes use of washable litter-like granules. It is certainly eco-friendly.


1) You would possibly discover it arduous to make your cats use it. They should still wish to use their previous litter field because it’s the place they have been used to.

2) Granules could simply be scattered round the home. The washable granules are too gentle that when your cats will get off the shallow bowl, they are often scattered all around the flooring.

3) It operates loudly and desires virtually half an hour to complete a cleansing operation.

4) It’s fairly costly.

5) Still requires some guide cleansing, particularly when your kitty’s poop is simply too smooth. It could not be capable to scoop it, thus leaving it with the granules to dry. That’ll certain give out an annoying odor.

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It could have a really nice idea and would actually prevent from the trouble of cleansing your pet’s ‘bathroom’ however it nonetheless wants some guide intervention to maintain it working fantastic. However, the problems cited in assessment are most certainly addressed within the soon-to-be-released variations of the product.

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