The Proper Food to Feed Ragdoll Cats And Kittens

Cat meals will be categorized into dry, moist, and semi-moist meals. Each one has its benefits, and Ragdolls want varied sorts of meals at completely different levels. Kittens want on the entire breast milk and moist meals, whereas adults require extra protein and dry meals. Pregnant Ragdolls have particular dietary wants that change all by way of the being pregnant as nicely.

Ragdoll kittens should be solely breastfed for the primary 4 to 5 weeks. Cat milk consists of all of the vitamins obligatory for the kitten’s progress, together with antibodies that assist forestall illness. Breast milk additionally passes on different antibodies that the mom produced to combat earlier ailments.

More meals should be provided after 4 to 5 weeks, because the kitten requires extra vitamins to help its quick progress. Introductory meals should be simple to digest. Mix canned meals with heat water or kitten substitute milk till it constitutes a unfastened paste. Do NOT use common cow’s milk that is too heavy for kittens and will trigger in indigestion.

Dry meals

After one other 4 to 5 weeks, your kitten needs to be prepared for dry meals. To make the change simpler, moisten dry meals with a bit heat water within the first few feedings. It’s additionally important to decide on high-quality dietary supplements to dry meals and a number of the good manufacturers are Iams®, Science Diet®, and Nutro Kitten®. Science Diet Feline Growth® is fashionable amongst Ragdoll kittens. Supplements will be offered twice a day with morning and night feeding. You can change to grownup meals after roughly 12 months.

Choosing and making ready kitten meals

Ragdoll kittens have fragile stomachs, so take additional care in selecting kitten meals. Food ought to all the time be heat or barely above room temperature. Discard all meals that has been disregarded for greater than half-hour, particularly in the summertime. Bacteria grows quick in heat, moist meals and should probably upset your kitten’s abdomen, and even result in meals poisoning. To cease losing meals, simply observe how a lot your kitten eats at a time so you know the way a lot to arrange per feeding.

House flies can simply contaminate kitten meals, so maintain your feeding space as fly-proof as potential. Wash the feeding bowl every day with sizzling, soapy water and substitute water within the ingesting bowl a number of instances a day. Wash the ingesting bowl on the similar time and refill with contemporary water.

Table scraps will be given sometimes, however do not make common meals out of them. Cooked human meals don’t include the vitamins obligatory in your kitten’s progress. Generic cat meals from groceries are higher, however Stellarhart recommends high-quality meals from specialty pet shops. Also, cats do not just like the odor of plastic and metallic containers, so use solely glass ingesting bowls.

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Dry vs moist meals

Dry meals are usually higher in your Ragdoll, besides within the breastfeeding and introductory stage. They work your kitten’s chewing muscle groups and assist maintain the enamel white. Dry meals consists in the primary of meat and greens, and will be moistened or served dry. Serving them dry permits your cat to nibble all through the day, quite than consuming one giant meal at a time. Dry meals should include about 9 to 10% moisture, 8% fats, and 30% protein.

Moist meals comprises about 75% moisture and equal quantities of fats and protein. Not all moist meals are the identical some are all-meat or all-fish, whereas others are a mixture of meat and greens. The former shouldn’t be used for normal meals, as your cat can get addicted and refuse to eat different meals. The small deal with cans of selection meals are normally all-meat or all-fish. As with kitten meals, moist meals should be warmed to room temperature earlier than serving.

Semi-moist meals has about 35% water, 27% protein, and seven% fats. Most of them are nutritionally balanced, very tasty, and will be disregarded for nibbling, however they spoil faster than dry meals.

Kitten treats

Occasional kitten treats won’t hurt your kitten, however take care to not fill them up to allow them to nonetheless eat common meals. Treats should not present any greater than 10% of your kitten’s every day caloric consumption. Look for arduous chew treats to assist enhance your kitten’s dental well being

B. Feeding Ragdoll Adults

Ragdolls will not be very lively, in order that they acquire weight sooner than different cats. Do not allow them to turn into overweight present them solely 70 energy per kilogram of physique weight. Lots of what individuals consider to be cats’ favorite meals are literally dangerous. Here are a number of the most typical cat meals myths:


Fish could also be good for cats, however it may well’t cowl all their dietary wants, and an excessive amount of of the identical vitamins will be dangerous. Tuna is wealthy in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which want vitamin E to interrupt them down. an excessive amount of tuna in your cat’s weight loss program could cause yellow fats illness (steatitis).

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Milk is wealthy in water and carbohydrates, however many cats are lactose illiberal and get digestive issues a couple of hours after ingesting milk. Regular cow’s milk could cause diarrhoea and unfastened stools, which might result in malnutrition and dehydration. If your cat likes milk, use substitute cat milk as an alternative.


Cats love the odor of catnip leaves, however it may well trigger short-term behavioural modifications. Catnip is a hallucinogen and should probably put your cat in a state of close to delirium. Some results embody rolling, rubbing, chasing phantom mice, or just staring into area. Although it is not addictive, catnip has no place in your cat’s weight loss program.

Dog meals

It could possibly be extra handy to feed your cat and canine from the identical dish, but it surely’s not very wholesome for both pet. Cats require extra protein, taurine, preformed vitamin A, B-complex nutritional vitamins, and arachidonic acids, which they will get from a meat-heavy weight loss program. A scarcity of those vitamins could make your cat critically ailing, and an overdose can have the identical impact in canine.

Low ash diets

A preferred perception amongst cat homeowners is that diets low in ash may also help discourage urinary tract an infection. But that is solely partly true. Ash will not be a single nutrient, however is definitely a bunch of minerals together with calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Lower ranges of magnesium maintain urine at its regular, barely acidic state, however lowering different minerals could have no impact.

Other meals to keep away from

Alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol will be poisonous and trigger deadly issues.

Baby meals.

Many child meals include onion powder, which will be dangerous to the blood.

Fish and meat bones.

Small splinters can lower into the digestive tract and result in bleeding.

Caffeine (espresso, tea, chocolate).

Caffeine can have an effect on the cat’s coronary heart and nervous system.

Citrus oil extracts.

This can result in abdomen upsets and vomiting.


Animal fat can result in pancreatitis.

Don’t feed your cat fatty cooked meats, or not less than trim the fats off first.

Grapes and raisins.

These include a toxin that may hurt the kidneys.

Human vitamin and iron dietary supplements.

Excessive iron can injury the liver, kidneys, and the liner of the digestive tract.

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Liver is secure in restricted quantities, however an extra could cause vitamin A toxicity.

Macadamia nuts.

Unknown toxins in macadamia can injury the muscle groups, digestive system, and nervous system.


Marijuana can result in vomiting, melancholy, and irregular coronary heart fee.


Some mushrooms include extremely poisonous substances that may have an effect on a number of techniques and even trigger dying.

Onion and garlic (powdered, cooked or uncooked).

These include disulfides and sulfoxides, which might trigger anaemia. They are dangerous to each cats and canine, however cats are extra susceptible.


Persimmons seeds can hinder the intestines.

Potato, tomato and rhubarb.

These will be dangerous to the nervous, digestive, and urinary techniques. The leaves and stems might probably even be poisonous.

Raw eggs.

Raw eggs can injury your cat’s hair and coat.


Salt and salty meals could cause electrolyte imbalance, a doubtlessly deadly situation affecting the guts and nervous system.


Strings from beans and different greens could probably not be digested, which might trigger blockages.


Sweets are excessive in empty energy, which might result in weight problems, diabetes, and dental issues.

Yeast dough.

Yeast can increase within the abdomen throughout digestion, inflicting it to rupture.

Once you will have educated your self as to the distinctive necessities of ragdoll cats you’ll instinctively know what is nice or dangerous in your cat.

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