The Wild Cat Serval

Serval is a extremely profitable feline and hunter. Its stunning coat and fantastic predatory skills allow it to face out amongst different prime predators of the African night time. Requiring water consistently for its survival, it lives in grasslands and open plains with water patches, avoiding deserts and arid areas. Extinct from North Africa owing … Read more

Feral Cat and Wild Cats Turned Into Domestic Cats

Some ecologists say that the domestication of feral cat harms setting or ecosystem, as extreme inhabitants of feral cats end in giant looking of small birds and animals in each rural and concrete areas. Feral cats have a substantial impact on the setting, as these cats have put a number of native animals and species … Read more

Cat Facts From the World of Wild Cats

There are dozens of species of untamed cats on this planet, starting from the well-known massive cats to small species no larger than a home cat. Here we have a look at some info and figures from the great world of untamed cats. Fastest: The cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is the quickest land mammal with a … Read more

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