Ragdoll Cat Care – How A lot Do You Know About Ragdolls? Quiz Your self and Find Out

If something about Ragdoll cats, simply how straightforward it’s to fall in love with them. Ragdoll cats require care that different breeds of cat could not. When you might be contemplating possession of a Ragdoll, it is necessary to consider what breed particular care your kitty will want.

I’ve created a brief True or False quiz about Ragdoll cats and methods to take care of them.

Ragdolls are a small breed of cat and attain maturity at about 18-months-old. True or False?

The reply is fake. Ragdolls are giant cats at maturity. A traditional weight for a male Ragdoll is round 15-20 kilos and females are typically a number of kilos much less. It takes Ragdolls three to 4 years to achieve full maturity.

Ragdoll cats are easy-going and do not require any upkeep. True or False?

False once more. This is form of a trick query as a result of Ragdoll cats do are typically easy-going and usually are not high-maintenance cats. Still, it’s best to brush your Ragdoll no less than weekly. Ragdolls have stunning, tender, rabbit-like fur. Matting isn’t more likely to be a difficulty with Ragdolls, however brushing will assist to take away useless hair and forestall shedding.

Ragdoll cats don’t really feel ache. True or False?

False. There isn’t any query that Ragdolls really feel ache. They completely do. This fable got here from Ann Baker, the creator of the Ragdoll breed herself. Fortunately this fable has been totally refuted.

Ragdoll lovers in all probability immediately knew the solutions to the quiz, however in case you’re new to the world of Ragdolls, possibly you discovered one thing. There is plenty of data on the market concerning the breed. If you proceed finding out these wonderful cats, I’m certain you may be as a lot in love with them as I’m.

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