How To Introduce An Orphaned Kitten To A Foster Mother

Have you ever confronted the daunting activity of introducing an orphaned kitten to a foster-mother? It is just not the best activity on this planet, however it’s nonetheless doable with a number of time and dedication from you. In this text you will discover a confirmed manner to do that, as I had success with this technique 3 times with three completely different mom cats and kittens.

It is just required to have a foster-mother feed the kitten if it nonetheless has not been weaned or it’s too small or weak to eat by itself. You want to make sure that the mom cat has kittens of its personal who nonetheless feed on her milk. You additionally want to make sure that she is wholesome sufficient to feed one other kitten earlier than attempting to get her to undertake the orphan. It can be finest if she has multiple kitten as she is going to have a tendency to note the brand new addition a lot much less if her brood is bigger than one. However this technique has labored properly for me even with cats who’ve only one kitten with them.

First it’s essential be certain that the mom cat has a secure and cozy place to feed her kittens. While she feeds her kittens. It can be good to introduce an object, which has the scent of the brand new orphan and let her sniff at it. When she has settled all the way down to feed her kittens it’s good to introduce the orphan to suckle from her. You may have somebody to information the orphan to suckle, whereas soothing the cat if she begins to get agitated. Do not use pressure on her, however it is best to proceed to assuage her by rubbing her head or the underside of the chin. This will calm her down.

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However if she strikes away don’t worry, she might be again to feed her kittens once more quickly.You must repeat the method many times till she stops changing into agitated and settles all the way down to feeding this kitten. You will should be right here every time it occurs. If the kitten doesn’t get a lot milk, it’s essential feed it with some system for kittens and even infants if it’s all you may get. I’ve used a pipette to do that for one in every of my kittens.

You will step by step discover that the mom cat will take to licking the kitten. Sometimes she could hiss and take a spat at it. When this occurs take away the kitten to cease it from getting harm. Reintroduce it later in order that it will get one other likelihood. Eventually the mom cat will come round to licking it and earlier than lengthy she will be unable to make it out from her personal litter.

This could take two or three days on the most even with the fiercest mom cats and essentially the most wayward kittens. All you want is a few persistence and time to attain success. So, subsequent time you discover an orphaned cat don’t shrink back from it you may observe the above steps and get a foster-mother to undertake it as her personal.

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