How one can Bring Two Cats Collectively and Make Them Friends

Many cat house owners have confronted the issue to maintain two cats in the identical time. In this text we’ll share the way in which we managed to do that.

We have A Burmese cat named Sid that we’ve got taken from a good friend of ours. We have it for just a few months now. He/she is kind of spoiled; the pet lives inside and is taken out with a leash.

Some time in the past a good friend of my spouse needed to keep at house for some time, and he or she requested if she may take her cat, too. The cat is a male tabby that resembles Manx with a tail. We have examine protecting two cats collectively and I knew it might be an actual problem and it could take months earlier than the cats get used with one another. The activity was arduous – we had an out of doors male that isn’t neutered and an inside spoiled Burmese cat. So maintain studying to learn how we turned the 2 cats into pals.

1. Each cat must have their very own house, so we offered this house in our basement.

2. Our good friend introduced the meals bowl, the litter field and the toys of her pet as a result of every cat ought to have their very own bowl and litter field.

3. Our good friend introduced the brand new one into the brand new room and stored him there for 1-2 days, so the cat may get used to the brand new atmosphere.

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4. We allowed the cats to satisfy two days after the male got here into the home. The first assembly was very temporary; the cats simply smelled one another and hissed.

5. Then we met the pets in the home every day for a couple of week with a view to make them get used with one another.

6. During this week, the cats have been able to battle at any alternative; nevertheless we have been ready to not enable fights.

7. Per week later they began rubbing on one another with a view to alternate scents.

8. Then, steadily, they began enjoying and chasing one another.

9. At the top, the 2 cats began enjoying collectively on the cat tree, now they sleep subsequent to one another and keep on the window collectively.

No doubt, bringing two cats collectively shouldn’t be a straightforward job and it requires a while. If you’ve gotten determined to maintain two cats collectively, try to be very affected person as a result of the method of mixing them is a sluggish one. The cat that lives in your house from an extended time will act like she or he owns every part there. In our case, Sid did not enable Tabby to play on the cat tree and with the toys. However, after a while the cats turned pals and had a number of enjoyable collectively. You will want time to make the cats share. This course of appears to be like like educating two children to stay collectively and share their toys.

Six months have handed since we introduced Tabby house and the way the 2 cats are finest pals.

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Who would consider such factor may occur? An inside spoiled cat and an out of doors unneutered cat – it was a tough activity however it all labored. Now the 2 cats eat from the identical bowl, they use one another’s litter field and if one of many cats is lacking, the opposite is in search of it. The cats play collectively, chase one another and entertain us. It can be an excellent thought to take one other cat when you already personal one. Cats love getting pals and this can make them happier. I’m certain now that two type these pretty pets are higher than one.

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