Exotic Pets – Caring For Big, Non-Home Cats

Cat lovers would possibly assume that the final word expertise of their lives could also be to have an enormous non-domestic cat as a pet. The thought of getting an enormous cat of 1 kind or one other could appear fascinating, alluring and presumably even useful to the animal however there are a variety of very critical issues to take note of. Here we take a look at the principle points.


Let’s begin with the purely sensible – conserving an enormous cat is extraordinarily costly. Just shopping for the cat is a sizeable chunk of cash with a Bobcat costing within the area of $900, a serval or caracal across the $1500-2000 mark, a tiger cub £2500 and an ocelot as excessive as $15,000. This is only for the preliminary outlay for the animal itself and would not cowl any of the opposite bills corresponding to housing and naturally the large one – meals.

In addition to the price of shopping for the animal, additionally, you will have to have state and federal permits that may be costly, awkward to acquire and can preserve needing to be renewed, with a value related every time. If the permits aren’t appropriate, your animal may be seized. You may also typically be required to have particular legal responsibility insurance coverage in place in case the cat causes injury or hurt.


Many states have particular necessities concerning the quantity of land and different amenities you want earlier than you possibly can take into account getting an enormous cat. For most, that is at the very least 5 acres of land and this land will need to have an eight-foot perimeter fence round it. This wall can’t be a part of a cage both so if you’re conserving them in an enclosure, this must be inside and separate to the perimeter fence. You should even have a roof on the world to stop them escaping.

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Vet care

Another difficulty is discovering a vet ready and prepared to cope with this type of animal and who can be on name is there’s a drawback. Most don’t need the danger of getting themselves or their employees uncovered to this child of animal. You will want a bit of apparatus known as a squeeze cage that may deal with the whole lot of your cat’s weight and their full dimension to have the ability to have individuals verify it if there’s a drawback and these can price wherever as much as $2000 alone. Not solely that however the logistics of getting an 800 pound animal wherever will probably contain a fork carry truck in addition to very substantial a transport car.


Big cats want meat and a whole lot of it. There are not any business massive cat meals you can see within the grocery store so this implies discovering a butcher or different provider who will have the ability to fulfil your wants. And these cats want a weight-reduction plan that can not be various with out risking the cat’s bodily and psychological well being. Dealing with all of that uncooked meat can be a well being hazard so must be completed in a cautious and particular approach to defend each the cat and the people within the house.

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