Encourage Positive Cat Scratching Post Behavior As a substitute of Declawing Your Cat

Would you discover it unusual if any individual punished you for utilizing a toothpick after a steak dinner? This is identical confusion that arises in your cat if you yell at them for utilizing your sofa as a cat scratching put up. They are merely doing an exercise that nature meant them to do; nevertheless, they do not fully grasp that doing that exercise in your new thousand greenback leather-based couch is just not acceptable.

It’s not that your cat is dumb. Quite the alternative, cats are very intelligent and independent. They simply want some constructive coaching that can encourage them to make use of their very own cat scratching put up fairly than your furnishings to do their factor.

Some pet homeowners could imagine, out of sheer exasperation, that declawing is the one answer. However, when you think about that this irreversible surgical process could result in its personal set of bodily, emotional and behavioral problems, you might suppose twice.

Let’s return to our human examples. If you had been utilizing a toothpick, and any individual minimize off the guidelines of our fingers as a result of they most popular that you simply use a floss decide as an alternative, would you perceive the connection? Probably not. And, you most likely would not be a really joyful steak eater after shedding a bit of your fingers both!

The determination to declaw shouldn’t be taken calmly. The process is just not the equal of trimming your nails; it is amputating the final joint of your cat’s toes.

A greater determination could also be to spend the required time, persistence, consistency and care to coach your cat to make use of their cat scratching put up. By rewarding good conduct after they use the scratching put up accurately, you’ll encourage a constructive response. This constructive response will construct, and belief will probably be elevated, each time you encourage their good conduct.

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The additional advantage is that after you’ve gotten mastered the usage of the cat scratching put up, you’ll be able to take this coaching approach to different areas of your cat’s existence inside your family.

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