Cat Scratch Furniture – The Scratching Post Chronicles

Shredded couch legs and arms, torn curtains, and ripped up carpet fibers. If you could have any of those in your own home, I’d guess you could have a cat that does not use a scratching submit. Maybe you did not have the time or the know the best way to practice your cat. Whatever the case it is not too late.

Although it’s preferable to begin coaching your cat when it’s a kitten, there are issues you are able to do when your pet is full grown. To begin, you should buy or make (in case your have the talents) sufficient scratching posts to put in entrance of the areas your cat is utilizing now. Rope entwined posts with a sturdy base is often your greatest wager.

If your furnishings will not lose it coloration or fade with this, you’ll be able to rub citrus-smelling oil over your cats’ favourite spot to scratch. This is particularly efficient with molding or doorways. Cats typically hate the scent of citrus. Your cat could also be one of many odd ones who will simply lick it off. If so, you can even use an undesirable object similar to plastic carpet runner (pointy aspect out) aluminum foil, or sandpaper positioned over the world you wish to forestall your cat from scratching. You solely want to depart this on till the cat is utilizing his scratching submit constantly.

You could make his new scratching submit extra inviting through the use of catnip. Take some catnip leaves and rub them in your submit.

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Also, gently run your cats’ paws over the scratching submit to deposit the cats’ scent.

Hang some toys off the submit to make it value a testing out of your cat. Most of all be affected person watch your cat and in the event that they wish to scratch one thing off limits, take them to their submit and run their paws over it. After awhile your cat shall be utilizing his scratching submit and you can begin to interchange your furnishings.

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