Cat Nutrition – How Protein Rich Foods Might Harm Senior Cats

We all know that cats are carnivores thus their pure weight loss plan ought to consists of protein wealthy meat similar to beef, rooster, and fish. Cats require a major quantity of protein for optimum progress, repairing muscle tissues and as a supply of power.

Senior cats however, require much less protein than their youthful counterpart attributable to their weak important organs. Senior cats, normally, are much less lively subsequently important organs, such because the kidney and liver, will begin to deteriorate thus the necessity to scale back their protein consumption.

When a cat consumes protein wealthy meals, its digestive system will proceed to breakdown the proteins to ensure that the physique to soak up the vitamins as effectively as doable. The breakdown course of will produce dangerous poisonous merchandise, which the kidney and liver will take away from the cat’s physique through feces or urine.

Since senior cats’ important organs have deteriorated, an excessive amount of protein will forged a big pressure to the kidney and liver, making it troublesome for the physique to flush out toxins in the course of the breakdown course of. Also relying on the senior cat’s age, the kidney won’t be absolutely functioning in any respect so the physique will act upon this, by urinating greater than regular in an effort to take away among the toxins.

You ought to begin decreasing protein consumption as soon as the cat reaches the age of ten, cats at this age are thought of as senior cats. You should buy meals which are formulated specifically for senior cats as this sort of meals have low protein content material, additionally think about buying a liver assist in your senior cat to assist increase its liver functioning.

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Please just remember to seek the advice of the vet as effectively, in order that he can assess your senior cat’s situation, and prescribe sort of meals and weight loss plan that’s best suited for the cat.

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