Cat Dander – 7 Answers to Questions About Cat Dander

Cat dander is an notorious allergy and bronchial asthma set off that usually stands in the way in which of a cat lover proudly owning and even totally having fun with their cat. Here are 7 solutions to questions on cat dander that may enable you to take care of it extra successfully, personal a cat, and mean you can benefit from the cat you already love much more.  

What is cat dander? In two words– lifeless pores and skin. All warm-blooded animals produce it, and it’s nature’s method of constructing room for brand new and more healthy pores and skin that’s extra in a position to withstand illness and an infection. Your cat will proceed to supply dander so long as it’s alive.  

Can you see it? Contrary to what many consider, dander is invisible with the bare eye. The human eye is ready to see substances which are roughly 30 microns and better. Dander ranges in dimension from .5 to 10 microns with a micron being outlined as one millionth of a meter. And to offer you an instance of a micron’s size-it takes greater than 25,000 microns to make an inch.   

What makes it such a robust allergy and bronchial asthma set off? It is definitely the protein discovered on the hair roots and below the tongue (Felis domesticus allergen I) that triggers sneezing, itching, congestion and different signs that point out various levels of sensitivity to it. As your cat grooms itself by licking its fur, saliva is deposited on its coat. When dry, it flakes off and might go airborne, or fall on every part in your house from sofas to curtains to the carpet on the ground. Inhalation of those sub-micron dimension particulates then causes a response.  

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Are there cats that do not produce dander? All cats produce dander, and there’s no such factor as a hypoallergenic cat. It is broadly believed that some breeds produce much less dander than others, however in an article by Steven Steinberg of The Dallas Morning News, Dr. James R. Richards, director of the Feline Health Center at Cornell University says, “I’m unaware of any research that present that anyone breed is much less allergenic than one other, or that one breed produces decrease ranges of Fel d 1”.  

Can I nonetheless personal a cat? The reply to this query is a powerful perhaps. The finest method to inform whether or not proudly owning a cat is a chance is to spend a while with the cat you are eager about adopting at varied instances of day, as allergy and bronchial asthma are usually worse at evening. If you’ll be able to tolerate its presence with out hostile unintended effects, then go for it. Just remember that your tolerance degree could change for higher or worse, and that your tolerance degree will differ with completely different cats.  

What might be performed to minimize sensitivity to dander? There are various strategies to scale back your signs together with prescribed, and over-the-counter medicine. You may be a candidate for allergy pictures that cut back sensitivity by slowly growing the dander allergen over many months. The hope is that your physique will react to it as much less of a menace, permitting you to tolerate dander extra comfortably.  

Can something be performed to  preserve the dander down?   Fortunately, there are a selection of steps which you could take. Consult your vet about shampoo and frequency of baths, and bathe your cat. Use a HEPA vacuum to take away it from the ground, furnishings, and window therapies. Use a HEPA air air purifier to take away cat dander from the air.

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