3 Awesome Chipmunk Repellents for Getting Rid of Chipmunks Humanely

When we take into consideration eliminating chipmunks, all strategies will be break up into two classes; humane and deadly.

Humane strategies can additional be break up into classes comparable to trapping the chipmunks alive and utilizing scare techniques to drive them out of your yard. There are additionally a lot of pure repellents that may get proper up a chipmunk’s nostril and three of those methods might be mentioned on this article.

1. Cat Litter

Chipmunks are scared to demise of cats – it is inbuilt to their pure instincts.

If getting a cat to mark it is territory round your yard is not an choice, you want the subsequent neatest thing: Cat Litter.

If you could have a buddy, relation or neighbor that has a cat (or cats) as a pet, ask them to provide you their cat’s litter subsequent time they modify it as a substitute of throwing it out. Then scatter the contents of the litter tray round your yard.

The pungent stench of cat urine might be sufficient to scare even probably the most die-hard chipmunk off your property.

2. Fox Urine Pellets

Staying with the ‘urine’ theme, the subsequent chipmunk repellent on the listing is fox urine.

Again, the fox is a pure predator of the chipmunk and if Mr. Chipmunk thinks Fantastic Mr. Fox is lurking across the neighborhood, he’ll begin considering critically about packing up and shifting on.

You can get fox urine in pellet or liquid kind from many backyard facilities and even on-line from Amazon. One of the most effective is DeerBusters 100% fox urine, which is a bit troublesome to seek out on Amazon as a result of it’s marketed as a lure to draw foxes reasonably than a repellent to eliminate chipmunks – but it surely works nice!

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3. Mothballs

For some unknown purpose, chipmunks hate mothballs!

Scatter them round your yard and, if the place the entrances to their tunnels are (which isn’t any simple feat as they’re usually very effectively hidden) stuff just a few mothballs down their holes, too.

Also, if the chipmunks are entering into locations they should not comparable to your storage or below your flooring, lay just a few mothballs there to maintain them out.

It’s most likely honest to say that mothballs are extra of a deterrent than a repellent as a result of though chipmunks do not notably like them and can attempt to keep away from them, they most likely will not power them off your property.

Other Methods

Although chipmunk repellents could eliminate your chipmunk infestation, there are simpler strategies of chipmunk elimination, the most effective of which is utilizing both humane or deadly chipmunk traps.

Check out http://www.getridofchipmunks.org for additional data.

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